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Jack Porter

Strategic Advisor

Jack Porter is a serial entrepreneur and has been the CEO of 9 successful software companies. He has extensive experience in advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.  His expertise includes understanding how to leverage complex mathematic algorithms, data visualizations, and sophisticated business models.
Mr. Porter has worked on some of the largest AI projects in the world including: American Express, Discover Card, Merk, Glaxso Smith Kline, and Reliance Jio.  He has deep understanding of traditional machine learning models, neural networks, and advanced deep learning.
Mr. Porter has published 8 books on technology innovation and entrepreneurship and is a frequent speaker at industry events like the Kellogg Innovation Network, Gartner Group Research Board, and AI by the Bay.  He is also a regular writer for magazines such as Infoworld, CIO Magazine, and eWeek.