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Business Approach

We will seek to capitalize on the significant experience and contacts of our management team to complete our initial business combination. We believe our management team’s distinctive background and record of acquisition and operational success could have a significant impact on target businesses. Although we may pursue our initial business combination in any business, industry or geographic location, we currently intend to focus on opportunities to capitalize on the ability of our management team, particularly our executive officers, to identify, acquire and operate a business in the technology, media and telecommunications (“TMT”) industry. Specifically, we intend to target TMT companies that are at the forefront of high technology and are enabling the future evolution of intelligent systems and solutions (such as data-intense mobility, autonomous platforms, smart sensor applications, human interaction, unified data management and artificial intelligence).

We intend to evaluate both private and public companies as potential initial business combination targets, focusing on opportunities that we believe would provide appropriate risk adjusted returns to stockholders. Following our initial business combination, our objective will be to implement or support the acquired company’s operating strategies in order to generate additional value for stockholders. General goals may include additional acquisitions and operational improvements.

Our management team has significant hands-on experience helping TMT companies optimize their existing and new growth initiatives by exploiting insights from rich data assets that already exist within most TMT companies. We intend to apply a unique “Mentor-Investor™” philosophy to partner with our targets where we will offer financial, operational and executive mentoring in order to accelerate their growth and development from a privately held entity to a publicly traded company. Further, we intend to share best practices and key learnings, gathered from our management team’s operating and investing experience, as well as strong relationships in the TMT industry, to help shape corporate strategies. Additionally, our management team has operated and invested in leading global TMT companies across their corporate life cycles and has developed deep relationships with key large multi-national organizations and investors. We believe that these relationships and our management team’s know-how present a significant opportunity to help drive strategic dialogue, access new customer relationships and achieve global ambitions following the completion of our initial business combination.

We believe that our management team is well positioned to identify attractive businesses within the TMT industry that would benefit from access to the public markets and the skills of our management team. Our objective is to consummate our initial business combination with such a business and enhance stockholder value by improving its operational performance. We believe we can achieve this objective by utilizing our management team’s extensive experience in both TMT industry transactions and operating TMT companies in combination with our management team’s network of contacts in the TMT industry. We believe many companies in the TMT
industry could benefit from access to the public markets, but have been unable to do so due to a number of factors, including the time it takes to conduct a traditional IPO, market volatility and pricing uncertainty. We intend to focus on evaluating more established companies with leading competitive positions, strong management teams and strong long-term potential for revenue growth and margin expansion

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is to identify and complete our initial business combination with a company that complements the experience of our management team and can benefit from our management team’s operational expertise. Our selection process is expected to leverage our management team’s broad and deep relationship network and unique TMT industry expertise, including proven deal-sourcing and structuring capabilities, to provide us with a multitude of business combination opportunities. Our management team has experience:

• Operating companies, setting and changing strategies, and identifying, mentoring and recruiting world class talent;

• Developing and growing companies, both organically and inorganically, and expanding the product ranges and geographic footprints of a number of businesses;

• Sourcing, structuring, acquiring and selling businesses and achieving synergies to create stockholder value;

• Establishing a wide deal flow and efficient methodology of screening superior M&A targets worldwide;

• Partnering with industry-leading companies to increase sales and improve the competitive position of those companies;

• Addressing business and technological changes in an evolving global TMT landscape;

• Evaluating the viability of emerging TMT business models;

• Fostering relationships with sellers, capital providers and target management teams;

• Accessing the capital markets across various business cycles, including financing businesses and assisting companies with the transition to public ownership.

Following the completion of this offering, we intend to begin the process of communicating with our management team and its affiliates’ network of relationships to articulate the parameters for our search for a potential target initial business combination and begin the process of pursuing and reviewing potential opportunities.

Business Combination Criteria

Consistent with our strategy, we have identified general criteria and guidelines that we believe are important in evaluating prospective target businesses and, when evaluating a prospective target business, we expect to conduct a thorough due diligence review that will encompass, among other things, meetings with incumbent management and employees, document reviews and inspection of facilities, as applicable, as well as a review of financial and other information that will be made available to us. We intend to use the following and other criteria and guidelines in evaluating acquisition opportunities, but we may decide to enter into our initial business combination with a target business that does not meet any or all of these criteria or guidelines.

• Target TMT companies that are at the forefront of high technology and are enabling the future
evolution of intelligent systems and solutions (such as data-intense mobility, autonomous platforms, smart sensor applications, human interaction, unified data management and artificial intelligence).

• Focus on TMT companies positioned to benefit from the extensive networks and insights we have built. We believe our strategy leverages our management team’s distinctive background and vast network of industry leaders in the TMT industry.

• Emphasis on companies that can benefit from a public listing and greater access to capital. We will primarily seek a target that we believe will benefit from being publicly traded and will be able to effectively utilize the broader access to capital and the public profile that are associated with being a publicly traded company.

• Businesses with a catalyst for significantly improved financial performance. We will target companies where we believe that our industry expertise and relationships can be used to create opportunities for value creation, whether for acquisitions, capital investments in organic growth opportunities or in generating greater operating efficiencies. We will seek to identify such opportunities for value creation in evaluating potential business combinations.

• Market-leading participant with experienced and motivated management teams that may benefit from enhanced leadership and governance.

• We will seek a target that has an established business and market position.

• While we will focus on TMT businesses, we will not seek a target that is pre-revenue or in early stages of development with unproven technologies.

• Additionally, we will seek a target with an established management team. To the extent we believe it will enhance stockholder value, we would seek to selectively supplement the existing leadership of the business with proven leaders from our network, whether at the senior management level or at the board level.

• Middle-market businesses. We believe targeting companies in the middle market will provide the
greatest number of opportunities for investment and will maximize the collective network of our
management team and its affiliates.

• Prioritize entities with a well-performing management team and exceptional leadership talent that wishes to continue to drive the company to growth, and is coachable and eager to extend their knowledge and savvy through an interactive and hands-on supportive board of directors.

These criteria are not intended to be exhaustive. Any evaluation relating to the merits of a particular initial business combination may be based, to the extent relevant, on these general guidelines as well as other considerations, factors and criteria that our management team may deem relevant.